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We have the tools… the technology… the stuff from the hardware store… …now, all we lack… is you!  

If you have skills with any construction work (or even if all you can do is dig a hole with a shovel, spread straw, or hit a nail with a hammer), you could be a blessing to Anchor Church.  For 4.5 exciting labor filled hours on September 9, 2017, we plan to work on several projects at the church.  Please join us to help on any of the following projects:
1. assemble a new playground equipment set for the kids
2. dig a trench and place a 6” drain pipe from the new downspout on the worship building
3. replace the landscape timbers around the utility platform at the front entrance sign
4. spread pine straw
5. place 6x6 timbers in the gravel parking area
6. eat free Donut King donuts

Please let us know how you can help by signing up here: WORKDAY NEEDS



During the summer months of June, July and August we are asking everyone at Anchor to choose one hour per week to pray for spiritual awakening (in our local church, our community and our nation. 

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